So You Might Be Curious to Know How www.AllProductsFree.com Does What it Does?

At first blush, it sounds too good to believe—so good, in fact, that it surely is a scam, a hoax, or simply a charade. But no: Everything promised by AllProductsFree.com is legitimate and real.

You can enroll in the program and start receiving thousands of dollars worth of free consumer merchandise like high-end electronics and more every single month. There are no strings attached and no hidden fees.

It is important to understand exactly how this program works. By understanding a few important concepts about the world of manufacturing and consumer product marketing, you can begin to gather just how it is that an enterprise like this one is, in fact, every bit as good as it claims.

AllProductsFree.com Legal Matters and Tax Write-Offs

How is it that manufacturing companies can afford to give away millions of dollars in new products, year in and year out? Simple: They are legally obligated to do so, at least if they want to keep receiving their lofty corporate tax breaks and write-offs. In fact, most manufacturers actually budget for these product giveaways, regarding them as honest-to-goodness marketing expenses. And if the companies have to give away these products, well, they might as well give them to consumers like you!

How is it, though, that they can justify these product giveaways as “marketing expenses”?  Read on for the rest of the story.

AllProductsFree Demos and Reviews

These product giveaways are called “demos” or “samples” and they are given away to consumers with the idea that consumers will give something in return—namely, their feedback. That’s how manufacturers can justify these “marketing” expenses and claim their tax breaks with a straight face. In giving away the products, they are also gathering useful information about how their products are used and how the products are best marketed.

Here is how the exchange works. Via the AllProductsFree.com Membership Area, you follow their guidelines and ask to receive some product samples and demos from manufacturers. The manufacturer obliges, and sends loads of merchandise your way; you return their goodwill by writing a very short e-mail, essentially reviewing the product. This is not the Great American Novel that you have to write; just offer a few quick sentences about what works and what needs improvement.

AllProductsFree.com Getting Started

Obviously, there is some work involved here, but also some incredible benefits. You, too, can get merchandise and consumer electronics sent to your front door, simply by agreeing to write a few quick reviews. There are potentially thousands and thousands of dollars worth of free stuff available from over 2,500 manufacturers, and it is yours for the taking.

To get started, you need access to the database of products that you can request. This is where AllProductsFree.com comes into play; sign up for a membership, receive access to the database, and follow their members instructions. Within a month or so, you could start seeing stuff show up at your home. This is an amazing opportunity, made believable through this simple understanding of how the manufacturers tax breaks work.

So, if you have been considering a membership with AllProductsFree.com yet wondered if their program and pitch might just be a scam, a hoax, or simply a charade, RELAX! The company and program has been around for a number of years and really does work as promised.

Once you understand how these product manufacturers are riding the system and taking advantage of lofty corporate tax breaks and write-offs, you’ll understand how to make a www.AllProductsFree.com membership work to your advantage too!